The Scalable WebRTC Audio Engine.

HearMeCheer’s patent-pending technology stack delivers audio processing on a scale never before seen. This allows HearMeCheer to provide audio experiences with thousands of people contributing at the same time, with live microphone input, – all with only one audio stream coming in and out of each client’s device.

Connect Many to Many

Create natural sounding events with spatial audio, 3d audio, headphone-less feedback cancelation, and dynamic audio physics engine.


Spatial Audio
3D Audio
Physics Engine

Live Events

Headphone free
Advanced Feedback Reduction
Performer Crowd Feed


Private Suites
Crowd feeds


Secure SSO
Main Stage
White Label

MicDrop Lets you Integrate in Minutes.

Simply drop our secure iFrame into your website, platform, or app. Engage your users in minutes.

Create fan rooms, mainstage events, let users ask a question, all the capabilities of our audio engine delivered via a simple iFrame.

Metaverse Capabilities

Capacity to scale to thousands of users all participating at once, using our patent-pending algorithms.

3D Audio

The most realistic 3D physics audio engine

Person to Person physics engine that enables conversations between groups of people as natively as real-life.

Life-like Interaction allows you to hear from people, animals, and objects all over the virtual environment.


Simple and Secure Integration into ANY existing platform (mobile, web, app, etc).

Patent-pending Compiled Server Architecture designed specifically for audio and scalability.

Low-latency, low-bandwidth, scalable, robust infrastructure using industry standard WebRTC protocols.

Secure, privacy-centered servers.

De-Centralized Moderation

Community led moderation with customizable business rules.