HearMeCheer was born in the COVID era.

Our patent pending technology allows us to combine thousands of audio streams, each outgoing stream customized on our high performance servers.

Our head offices are located near Toronto, Canada, but we have team members from all over the planet. 

"We quickly realized that there are many events where fans or participants cannot take part - from large to small."

Elias Andersen
Sporting Events

Huge market-making teams have fans spread across the globe. College sports want alumni taking part. High school teams want to let family and cheer for the team. Auto racing, extreme sports – etc. Bring in the fans!


Conference Talks

In a large zoom or other conference, speakers and the audience have no feel for the room. HearMeCheer can provide that audio layer to make the event be more authentic. 


Concerts, Comedy Acts, Company Parties

We have places to go.


Elias Andersen

Founder and CEO

University of Toronto

Started ChampTrax Technologies (acquired by HearMeCheer, Nov 2020)

Worked for baseball startup in executive role (Collegiate Baseball Scouting Network) (400 person company)

Tom Andersen, PhD

Co-Founder and CTO

University of Toronto, Guelph University, Laurentian University

CTO at Starry Night (acquired by Space.com)

CTO at LeadAssign

Breakthrough Prize in Physics

Peter Heinke

Head of Strategy

Laurier University, University of Oxford

COO and CFO at Kik Interactive (300m users, $1b valuation)

Co-founded Kik and took them to a $1b valuation as CFO, COO

CFO at e-tv, Canada’s first regulated tv gambling

Jason Rubenstein

Co-Founder and COO

University of Massachusetts

Co-founded, head of analytics @ CBBSN, grew it to 150 person company in sports space

Data analyst at Apple

Head of Analytics at Lunatix


Sam Li, J.D.

Sports and Funding Advisor
UCLA, University of Michigan NBA VP Head of Sina Sports International Partner at Calvert Ventures

Gregory Treffry

Sales and Marketing Advisor
University of Waterloo, Harvard Business School Shaw Communications VP Global TV VP Independent Broadcasting Consultant