HearMeCheer supports quite a few deployment scenarios. Want a second screen for a broadcast event? Need to provide HearMeCheer on a YouTube Live event? Integrate with Twitch? Here are a few demo pages:



Sporting Match – two teams

This is HearMeCheer used as a second screen – meant to play alongside a TV or other broadcast event. You can see HearMeCheer supports Twitter feeds, advertisements, team choosing and more. We also support single team setups, and it certainly does not have to be sports! DEMO


Live Music

HearMeCheer can add fans audio to your live presentation – make it interactive. Let the performers hear their fans in real time. Twitch Live Music Demo

We are soon releasing Youtube live integration as well as integration with Discord chat service. We are also working with some other live music providers to make their products more compelling.


Add the capability for fans to cheer along with any Twitch channel. The entire Twitch experience is there – with your fans being able to cheer along. Twitch Live E-Sport Demo

We have integrated directly into other E-Sports event platforms. Contact us to get your fans excited!


YouTube Live integration

Youtube live allows one to create a live stream. HearMeCheer can host a YouTube Live stream, and allow your fans to cheer along. Fun! Contact us for a demo!

Feeding HearMeCheer into a Stadium

This NYC Red Bulls game used HearMeCheer to bring fans into the stadium.