Audio Huddle Platform

HearMeCheer is the ultimate platform to use in your game, enterprise or other platform to allow groups of users who are already ‘on site’ to hangout in an audio huddle. 

With other audio platforms like Google Meet or Zoom, meetings have to be arranged, and managed. But worse, these tools take users away from the current solution, whether it’s a game, corporate team dashboard or a group work project.  You don’t want your users going to Discord, Twitch, FaceTime, Meet or Zoom. Keep them on task. 

With HearMeCheer, your already connected users don’t have to do more than press a button to join with everyone in the group. This keeps users on task (whether that task is a game, work group or office dashboard).  

HearMeCheer can supply everything you need – from a simply iFrame plugin to a full API integration. Even our iFrame can work with your SSO providing seamless onboarding. 

And an HMC huddle can have a thousand people providing input, HMC provides break out rooms and privacy as needed. 

Security and privacy are paramount here at HMC. Our solution is fully coded and built in North America, using secure protocols throughout. Our scalable systems can provide small, infrequent usage, thousands of small huddles, large huddles (ok let’s call them events), and everything in between. 

For enterprise level accounts we also offer on premise hosting – keeping your internal audio where it belongs – in your corporation.  See our home page for some demonstrations, and contact us for more information.