Introducing OnCue Sync


Social Audio Technology Trendsetter HearMeCheer Introduces OnCue Sync Tech

Seamlessly Synchronize Experiences for Listeners to Any Broadcast Feed of a Live Event

Toronto, Ontario – April 14, 2022 – HearMeCheer, the trendsetting start-up creating social audio technology for the metaverse, has introduced OnCue, a new way to seamlessly synchronize experiences for listeners to any broadcast feed of a live event.

As introduced earlier this month, HearMeCheer’s OnCue sync technology listens to a broadcast feed to determine at what point in time the viewer or listener is in the event. This allows HearMeCheer’s partners, including teams, leagues, sponsors, and advertisers, to send contextually relevant notifications at the right time, every time.

Read the full press release here

Try out OnCue here (it’s a tech demo)