Premier League’s Wolverhampton Wanderers Partners with HearMeCheer For Final Two Games of 2020-21 Season

May 18, 2021 – For the final two games of the 2020-21 Premiere League season, the Wolverhampton Wanderers (also known as the Wolves by their worldwide fan base) will offer their fans the opportunity to bring the stadium atmosphere into their homes, with supporter audio rooms powered by the HearMeCheer social audio technology.

In partnership with HearMeCheer, Wolverhampton is making the final two games of the season open to their supporters’ social audio participation from anywhere in the world.  “Worldwide Wolves” is the official network of supporter clubs for the Wolverhampton team, with over 100 official branches spread far and wide across the globe that bring the whole Wolves family together “as one pack” on match days.

Wolverhampton’s away match against Everton F.C. at Goodison Park in Liverpool on Wednesday, May 19 will be the debut for the Wolves partnership with HearMeCheer, followed by their home tilt against Manchester United from Wolverhampton’s Molineux Stadium on Sunday, May 23.

HearMeCheer allows Wolves fans to create their own private rooms for audio discussions with their friends and family during the games, no matter where they are watching the game. This “Private Suite” function of HearMeCheer was introduced earlier this year by the Toronto-based tech startup.

The sound levels from all rooms will also be aggregated and presented as real-time ambient background noise through the platform to provide that realistic stadium background noise as fans debate the action in their private audio rooms.

Just over a year since it launched, HearMeCheer has become an innovative social audio engineering technology that enables deeper emotional connections to people, places and events from the comfort of home.

HearMeCheer uses a patent-pending technology to deliver audio processing on a scale never before seen in the audio industry. This allows HearMeCheer to provide an audio feed with up to thousands of people contributing at the same time, with live microphone input, all with only one audio stream coming in and out of each client’s computer.  The server also sends back customized streams for each client, with feedback cancellation applied for each client. HearMeCheer does this with WebRTC and the company’s patent-pending algorithms, running on extremely high performance compiled code. Not just another JS or Java application, HearMeCheer can be used as any audio add-on for any platform.