Social audio engineering that enables deeper emotional experiences and connections.

Hear Me Cheer’s proprietary technology provides social audio engineering that enables deeper emotional experiences and connections to 100s of thousands of people at once.


HearMeCheer uses a patent pending technology stack to deliver audio processing on a scale never before seen in the audio industry.

This allows HearMeCheer to provide chat rooms with up to thousands of people contributing at the same time, with live microphone input, – all with only one audio stream coming in and out of each client’s computer. The server also sends back customized streams for each client, with feedback cancellation applied for each client.

We do this with WebRTC and our patent pending algorithms running on extremely high performance compiled code. This is not another JS or Java application.

Why thousands?

Thousands of people with their microphones enabled allow crowd feedback such as cheering, clapping, general attitude, etc.

It allows the audience to take part. Think of a music concert – fan feedback in real-time. How would a remote Comedy act work without aggregate crowd audio?



Total Latency as measured via external microphone is ~500ms or better (~280ms server latency). Latency measures by external, independent audio recorders are the definitive measure.

Audio Quality

Our technology also exhibits high quality as the connection from the client is to a server in a major (AWS) nearby server stack. Better than peer to peer WebRTC.


Our servers do not record anything, and thus meet many privacy requirements.

In addition we offer bespoke servers configured to run your authentication and under your IT. You have control.

Private Suites

Private Suites.

Join in with your friends. Watch an event together in a private suite to get clear, crisp audio from each other while still enjoying the sound of the real crowd in the background.

Your cheering is combined with the overall crowd noise. It’s just like being in a box at the event!

Audio Engineering

Dynamic Audio Engineering.

When the number of attendees is lower, Hear Me Cheer technology can augment the real crowd noise with a range of pre-recorded crowd noises to make for a full, rich experience. 

Our intelligent algorithms also add filtering when crowds are smaller so that profanity and other undesirable sounds are not heard.



Create a Mainstage to have speakers/performers heard above the crowd. 

Participants can ask questions and interact directly with the mainstage. All of this is easily moderated.

Hear Me Cheer’s technology is designed to allow 100s of thousands of people to interact with an event.