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Easily integrate via embeddable widget or directly via API. 

Private Suites

Private Suites.

Join in with your friends. Watch an event together in a private suite to get clear, crisp audio from each other while still enjoying the sound of the real crowd in the background.

Your cheering is combined with the overall crowd noise. It’s just like being in a box at the event!

As a web site owner, its a simple iFrame widget drop in!

Audio Engineering

Dynamic Audio Engineering.

When the number of attendees is lower, Hear Me Cheer technology can augment the real crowd noise with a range of pre-recorded crowd noises to make for a full, rich experience. 

Our intelligent algorithms also add filtering when crowds are smaller so that profanity and other undesirable sounds are not heard.

Use our WebRTC API to access the most powerful audio engine on the planet.



Create a Mainstage to have speakers/performers heard above the crowd. 

Participants can ask questions and interact directly with the mainstage. All of this is easily moderated.

Hear Me Cheer’s technology is designed to allow 100s of thousands of people to interact with an event.

Social Audio has never been easier!

Why Hear Me Cheer?

Hear Me Cheer’s proprietary technology supports input from 1000s of mics at once to create true social audio experiences.

The result is authentic crowd sounds while enabling smaller groups to have direct communication. The result is true social audio.


Simple Integration

API or iFrame. Our technology is simple to integrate whether you plan on using our interface or integrating into yours.

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Get in touch

Get in Touch

Reach out to us and someone will be in touch shortly.