Developer Starting Point

Developers: We have several ways to integrate HMC into your website, web application or iOS/Android/Desktop application.

iFrame Embed

Certainly the simplest way to get going. Its really quite customizable with developer defined CSS, support for single sign on (users dont have to login to use HearMeCheer, but if they are logged in, you can take advantage of SSO).

See our Getting Started Guide for instructions on how to embed an iFrame in a few minutes.

API integration:

If you want to take full advantage of our system, or integrate into a fully native iOS/Android/Dektop app, then our APIs are the way to go. Note that for many iOS/Android apps, using our iFrame in a WebView may be the best solution.

When doing an API integration its best and expected to talk to us first so you can get started faster.

Keep in mind that if you want to use the API on your own Enterprise instance of HearMeCheer, that you will need to alter the server urls to match your own instance.

Example Code – our iFrame Embed is available on github



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